Betsy (formerly Olive)
Attached are a couple pictures of the beagles tracking squirrels. It looks like they’re both smiling/laughing. Betsy will sit under the tree for close to an hour – only moving occasionally to follow a squirrel moving across the fence or through the trees. Now that it’s gotten hot, she comes into the house from about 11:00 – 4:00. Bailey is not as persistent. He goes out for awhile to check on the squirrels – but doesn’t sit staring like Betsy does. He likes to lay by the front door to make sure no one sneaks in or out. Betsy usually ignores the cats, but Bailey is still chasing them if he sees them moving – except when he is focused on the squirrels.

Of course they love to go on their daily walks – except when Betsy is intent on her squirrels. Sometimes she refuses to go or will only go ½ way around the block to get back to the yard. In those cases, Bailey gets some individual time on the walk after dropping Betsy back off in the yard.
Thanks again for all you do.

Toni & Bob