Ollie’s family wrote: “When we first saw a picture of Ollie on the hound rescue page he was in desperate need of a foster home, and looked so sad and dignified at the same time. We had earlier decided that we wanted to foster (as we already had two dogs of our own), but were going to wait until we were moved from our apartment into our house. It just so happened that we saw Ollie a couple weeks before we were supposed to be moving. We just couldn’t resist and arranged with Sandra to pick him up from Montgomery County Animal Control.

When I arrived to get him, I couldn’t believe how broken down and skinny and sad he looked. He was a sick sick dog, but he never once complained. He had scratched his ears bloody raw, had abrasions on his feet, was disgustingly underweight and had obvious infections. He was also heart worm positive.

For the first few days he slept a lot, and we had a hard time convincing him to eat. We finally discovered he’d eat some chicken if we cooked it up for him. Sly Ollieā€¦he was holding out for the good stuff!

The day we knew that Ollie was “our” dog for sure was the night he somehow managed to get out of his pen and snuck upstairs and insisted on sleeping on our bedroom floor. From them on, Ollie was ours.

He is the most lovely, well-mannered and sweet boy we’ve ever met. He has always been a perfect gentleman despite how sick he was. He looks at us with such gratitude and love in his eyes.

Ollie now spends his days sleeping on the couch, patrolling the backyard with our Ruby, and checking the kitchen with our Bess for any food opportunities (especially chicken). That is when he isn’t sitting besides one of us getting cuddles. He loves being called a “good boy” and wags his tail if you tell him he’s a good boy. He likes to sigh dramatically when he finds a good spot next to you to curl up.

We are so thankful to Sandra for saving this little guy from death row, despite all his health issues. Without her, dogs like Ollie would be lost forever. Thanks to her devotion to the lost and discarded beagles, we are lucky enough to have him as part of our family. Look at him, he is the biggest love lump in the world. It is hard to imagine that somewhere out there someone isn’t really missing him badly.

The truth is, without Beagle Rescue, he would never have had a chance.