We adopted Parker in the beginning in February after several months of searching for the just the right addition for our family. Parker definitely fit the bill from the moment we met him. He was so loving and sweet – the entire family instantly fell in love!

Since that time he has settled into a good routine, met his vet (who also adored him), and discovered all of his favorite sleeping nooks in the house. He loves going to the dog park and mingling. He is also a very good walking companion. Our two kids adore Parker, as does anyone who meets him! He loves to greet friends and family at the door with a few goods “hello” barks, but then quickly quiets down to cuddle up next to his new friends.

He has learned a few new tricks, one of which my kids have coined “dance!” He will dance around in circles on his back legs. They think it is hilarious! We all also love his typical Beagle howl! He doesn’t do it often, but when he does the kids join in and we all end up laughing until we cry. It’s so funny!
We can’t thank HBHR enough for providing such a fantastic organization full of people who genuinely care about the the well being of the animals. They all go to great lengths to take the utmost care of the dogs in there temporary homes until they find them a forever home. Thank you for saving all of these sweet animals so that families like mine can find the perfect doggy addition for their family. We love your organization and we love our sweet Parker boy!!!

The Gonzalez’s