Here are pictures of Penny (formerly Louise). She is doing great and everyone just loves her friendly personality. It’s amazing how much they can change after the trauma of being on their own, then in the pound, then foster home.

She was quite submissive when we got her, and she did not bark for 3-4 days. Now she is the “Queen of Sheba” and she is very vocal about her desires. I honestly think she is much more Jack Russell than Beagle, I frankly think she is either 100% Jack Russell with “hound ear” or half Dachshund, half Jack Russell.

Anyway, it is very lucky for her (and us, we love her very much) that she looks like a miniature Beagle and you guys rescued her from the Rosenberg pound.

Keep up the good work and I strongly encourage anyone to adopt through HBHR, they are doing a fantastic job!!!