When I saw Piper get out of her foster mom’s car, I almost cried with excitement and when she snuggled with me the first time, comfortable and happy with her new home and family, I smiled and thanked God for this precious gift.

Other than the fact that she is already fixed, microchipped, potty trained and super sweet, Piper is also trained to be good. She sits, lays down when you want to pet her and fits in like she has been here since day 1. Although, I have to admit, she is way better behaved than my Bud is!

There are so, SO many benefits to adopting an older pet that I can not imagine not doing it again. Granted, she will be in my life 5 1/2 years less than she would have if I had gotten her as a puppy. But the time that the girls and I have with her will be so special and so amazing that we will be nothing but eternally grateful to the Beagle and Hound Rescue of Houston for choosing us to love this amazing dog! We are so glad we adopted an older pet! – Lori