Bailey (formerly Prudence)
Thought I’d send a quick update and let you know Bailey is doing fine. She slept the whole way home and quickly made her way around the house. Boomer literally showed her where the doggy door was and she made quick use of it. She is still getting used to Boomer but is slowly easing up. Today she let Boomer get nose to nose and she didn’t make a peep…

And, as you can see, she found a comfy nap spot. Which is funny because Boomer’s been known to end up on the same cushion despite our frowns. It is indeed a dog’s world here.

Bailey is doing great. When we first picked her up, she wasn’t too crazy about sharing love time with sweet Boomer. There were a few moments where we wondered if she would ever warm up. But, after a few months, they are connected at the hip. In fact, Bailey has turned out to be the sweetheart we knew she would be. She is so good with company and she is good on any trip we take. She is also so incredibly loving.

Thanks again for all your help to bring Prudence/Bailey to our family and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

All the best,

Adrian & Amber