Ranger’s forever family wrote:

Ranger is doing great!! He seems to be a morning puppy. He gets so excited jumps around pounces and wags his tail like crazy. We take him for a walk after breakfast and he likes to nap from about 11am to 3pm. Of course he wakes up and follows me room to room when I am cleaning.

He loves his Papa (my husband) and loves when Papa takes him for a walk. He gets a very long walk in the evening with us around the pond. He doesn’t seem bothered by other dogs barking at him. He just goes on his merry way with out a bark or a look.

He loves cheese, bread, biscuits and milk in with his food. Of course he doesn’t get human food very often. We just wanted him to feel at home with us. I think he does. At night he sleeps in our bed, sometimes at the foot of the bed and sometimes right smack dab between Mama and Papa. He is a snuggle bug.

Ranger is a wonderful joy in our lives and we love him