Rudy’s new family had this to say:

“Rudy is doing GREAT! We didn’t realize we could become so attached with a pet so quickly. He pretty much rules the roost. This is a good thing. He has already become familiar with our routine. He knows that when the kids get their backpacks on he gets to go for a walk. He also knows as soon as we come back from the bus, the first thing we do is go out in the backyard and I sit and drink coffee and he gets free time.

Rudy had also taught us a thing or two. He refuses to go upstairs until he eats breakfast. As soon as he gets to eat, he will go back upstairs with me to wake the kids. Rudy loves to jump up on their beds and lick their faces until they wake up. I guess he knows the day gets started once the kids get up. He is such a joy! I can see why it was so hard giving him up. Thank you for taking care of him until we found him. He loves to play couch potato and play with his puppy. More often than not, he will go get his puppy when you tell him to. The first morning Rudy went upstairs by himself (which is unusual), after a couple of minutes I got a little suspicious and went to investigate. As I was about to climb the stairs, down came Rudy with his puppy. We left the puppy there when we came downstairs that morning. But Rudy has made it clear that he wants his puppy downstairs once the day really gets going. So far, we have replaced edging along the fence three times. I purchased brick today. We are staking it so it can’t be dug away. Rudy is smart enough to figure out just about any contraption. Everyone at the bus stop in the morning loves Rudy. The family that we bought our house from are in the market for a beagle. We are really selling Beagle Rescue! Of course the best advertisement is Rudy himself!