In February 2005 we adopted Ruggles. He is our first beagle, and I must say, we are now beagle lovers! Ruggles has been an absolute blessing to our family! We love him. He plays great with little brother Pete and is very protective of Pete. Pete cries whenever he is separated from Ruggles, so we must schedule their vet visits at the same time. At the dog park, Ruggles enjoys running and swimming. He loves to chase balls. However, he always has one eye on Pete to make sure Pete stays out of trouble. He is the fastest one at the dog park, and people always comment on how fast he is.

Ruggles has learned to sit, lay, shake, and stay. We are now working on roll over. Because he is so fast, I am hoping to enroll him in some agility classes. I think he would do well and would enjoy that. He is so energetic, but also very lovable. Every night he curls up between my husband and me. He lays his sweet head on my pillow and we nod off together. I love snuggling with Ruggles! If for some reason we forget to take Ruggles on his nightly walk, he gently reminds us by howling at the door until we get his leash and go! On his walks he enjoys howling at cats and making new friends with all the neighbors.

We cannot imagine our family without Ruggles. He is such a cool dog. Thank you for rescuing him. He has definitely found his forever home with us. Please find Ruggles’ and Pete’s picture attached.