“Sadie (AKA Pumpkin) was rescued in February 2004. She had a difficult road to recovery ahead of her. When she was found by the Hound Rescue, she had a badly broken leg, fleas, and infected eyes. Even with all these hardships, the day we met her we knew she would be a wonderful beagle to love. We were sold when she came right to us and gave us beagle “kisses.” We took her home that day!

Her leg was splinted, and the fleas and the infection treated. At first, she was quiet at home. But once she learned to get around on three legs, she wasted no time–playing outside, going on short walks, and chasing down our two cats. She was so starved for love; always wanting affection or just to sit by our side.

It was a long three months in the splint. Sadie took many trips to the vet. She also endured lots of antibiotics and steroids for recurring skin infections on her leg beneath the splint. Finally, at the end of April, she got the splint off. She wore a bandage on her healing leg for two more weeks to help protect it and allow her to get used to having a fourth leg to use. We were all excited, especially Sadie, who could now go out on longer walks and run around as much as she wanted.

Today, she is doing great. She still avoids using that injured leg from time to time, but for the most part she walks and runs around like a normal dog. Sadie always wants to cuddle and just hang out with us. She is so sweet and loving, and we are so lucky to have her. Thanks to the Hound Rescue for giving this amazing beagle a second chance and for giving us the perfect dog to complete our family!”