Sadie (formerly Sabrina)
We adopted Sabrina in August. Actually we renamed her Sadie. Her full name is Sadie Rose Cannon. Rose is her middle name because she is our little yellow rose of Texas! I have attached a couple of pictures of Sadie in her new home and was hoping you could forward this on to her foster mom. Again, when she was in foster care her name was Sabrina. We love her dearly and are very glad we adopted her. I think she is glad to
be living with us too. She wags her tail constantly, but still no kisses yet! Our first Beagle, Fiona, is starting to be a less jealous big sister. Sadie dearly loves her big sister too.

We are very grateful to the HBHR for Sadie! We just can’t imagine what life was like before Sadie!

Laura and Cormac Cannon