I adopted Sam in early June 2008 from HBHR, after losing my 15 year old Beagle-Mix named Missy to cancer in March 2008. I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for a new hound yet, but when I opened the front door to meet Sam he jumped up on me and made himself right at home both inside the house and in the backyard. So, as the story goes, Sam the Man was “in” and he made my decision for me!

Sam is a big, beautifully marked Beagle boy who is very, very smart and very well mannered. Most of the time, he is really quiet and keeps himself busy with his many chewy toys and balls. He loves the couch in the front room and loves to look out the window at anything that walks by or the neighbors. The only time he really barks is when he wrestles with me and his other human friends. When I return home from work or the store he loves to spin in circles and yelp and squeak!

Sensing that Sam was such a smart boy, and still young at 1.5 years, I sent Sam to a 14-day training camp and he did really great. He learned all his commands in two days and was a star pupil in his group. The trainer said, ‘There is a lot going on behind those eyes of his’!

I’d like to thank David for bringing Sam over for me to meet, I couldn’t of found a better Beagle match – he’s a great boy and I plan on having him for many years to come. And thanks to the folks at HBHR for all they do for the hounds and the great adoption experience they provide.

Jeff Seippel
The Woodlands, Texas