Sammie’s foster family said: “If you’d read our fosters page before this one you’ll know by now we just couldn’t give this little man up. He had been through a similar situation as Ollie. Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue was his only hope, he’d been in a shelter for over a month and nobody wanted him, I guess it was because he had only one eye.

Well unless we took him he was going to be euthanized, Cass couldn’t stand it. So here we had this skinny, sick, heartworm positive, one eyed dog and yet he was still one of the most handsome dogs I’ve ever seen. I won’t go into more detail about his medical problems as I have already done so on our foster page. Anyway, Sammie has made himself at home and I think he knows now that he is our dog and he seems so much more relaxed, he even sings with us when he’s in the mood.”