We love our new beagle the kids named Sandi Cheeks. The cheeks refer to her girlish figure that we are working on getting back in shape. Sandi had a lot more in store for us than we first thought. She raises the meaning of chow hound to a new level. We wondered why all the cats were losing weight and it seemed Sandi kept gaining……well we were shocked when we finally found out that Miss Sandi Cheeks can jump really high!!!!! Like as high as the highest counter that the cats eat on. It took a couple of tries to figure out how to stop that behavior, but her eating binges are now under control. And Sandi is starting to slim down a little.

Our other beagle Fred didn’t quite know how to take his new companion. Well after about one month they started really playing together. They chase each other around the house and play “rowdy.” They both love to howl so it
is really funny to watch. Fred and Sandi walk all the time together and try to hunt everything the can get a scent of. Their noses stay busy and the vocal chords warm. There is now sweeter sound in the world than the bay of a beagle.

Thank you Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue for allowing us the opportunity to help a beagle in need. Our Sandi has brought us a lot of joy…..and Fred too. I would encourage anyone who loves beagles and understands the characteristics of the breed to consider adopting a beagle in need.

They will love you forever for it. We have also used this adoption as a great lesson for our children on helping others, taking responsibility, and taking care of the pets you have.