Hello again! Thought I’d send along another Sandy update.

She has done well during her first week of us being gone at work. Greeted us especially enthusiastically when we got home on Monday. The vacuum cleaner has slowed down just a tad, but she still gobbles up her dinner pretty quick. We’re trying out several dog treats on her; so far, we’ve discovered she likes Science Diet bacon strips and Iams (weight control) dog bone biscuits. We also
bought a peanut butter flavor filling to fill up her dog bone again, which she likes. In fact, I doubt there’s anything she wouldn’t like! 🙂

Our routine has evolved to where she gets two short walks/day and one longer walk/day; the longer ones last for about 30 minutes or so. The pattern seems to be that she runs off her energy during the first 15 minutes, and then is quite the stubborn little girl when it comes to last 15 minutes, as she stops to sniff EVERYTHING as a means to take a breather (we assume).

She’s become somewhat more vocal on occasion; has barked at some of her neighbor dogs and has even howled once or twice while following a scent (wonder if she’s hunting squirrels?). She also howls a little whenever we both
leave the apartment to run errands or what not, when it isn’t part of the routine; we’ve discovered distracting her with her a peanut butter filled dog bone does the trick for that though! 🙂

You should have seen the little girl tonight while we were watching a movie together–she was a mushkin! All curled up against Kendall, looking up at him