Scarlet (previously Charlotte)
Almost three years ago I attended one of your “meet and greet” events and drove home with a sweet seven-year old beagle named Charlotte (now Scarlet). She was precious, inquisitive, and most importantly, seemed to get along with my 14 year old beagle, Belle. At the time that I adopted Scarlet, I was preparing to say goodbye to my old girl since the vet had informed me that she had masses on her liver that were probably malignant. Since I couldn’t imagine a home without a beagle, I adopted Scarlet to help ease the transition.

That was January 2014. Today, I’m happy to say that Scarlet is a happy, inquisitive, cuddly, soon-to-be 10 year old who brings a smile to my face everyday. And best of all, she is still sharing a household with Belle — who is now 17-years old. They have become fast friends.

Scarlet is a great traveler and we’ve made many trips together. The picture I’m attaching to this letter is from our latest adventure: a three month camping trip to the coast of Maine this summer. Scarlet had a wonderful time. She hiked, barked at squirrels, hunted huge frogs on a pond in Acadia National Park, and spent many hours running and playing on the beaches. When we were at the campsite, she frequently found the sunniest place and loved taking naps in the sunshine. She never meets a stranger (which is wonderful considering the fact that she was pretty skittish around strangers, especially little kids).

I am so fortunate to have two very special and loving beagles. Scarlet was my first beagle adoption and I never would have imagined how wonderful the experience would be. She is precious in every way. Thank you for the work you do. Without your work and love for beagles, I wouldn’t have my precious Scarlet.