We adopted Sherman on June 7th. 2014 to add to our Bevy of Beagles, we now have 3 and trust me there is never a dull moment in our household. Sherman is quite the little instigator when it comes to creating a riot amongst the Beagles, he is also known as thief of the trio in which he will take anything from you if you are not watching, sometimes he will hide it and others he will play with it. He never has any problem getting the other 2 riled up either in the house or the backyard, one howl from him alerting the other two of what he has found generally sets the tone for the adventure. Sherman fit in immediately and loves to snuggle only after he is worn out from all of his mischievous activity. He is all Beagle, and is very loved by all. Thank you to Beagle Rescue for allowing him to be a part of our lives in his Forever Home.

Mike and Edie