Skittles was one of our “sadder” stories in the beginning. One of our volunteers found her running scared through his neighborhood. It took him about two hours to finally “catch” her, as she was so afraid. She was so starved she was actually eating a piece of cardboard when he found her. She was delivered to her new foster “mom” extremely thin, very scared and skittish (hence the name “Skittles”). It took her several days to actually come to her foster mom, and not run away scared (lots of treats helped!). Skittles was riddled with heartworms and had to undergo intense heartworm treatment, which took approximately three months. Over the few months she was with her foster mom, she gained weight and continued to gain confidence in humans.

In October of 2002, a very sweet Texas A&M student drove down from College Station to meet Skittles. She was looking for a friend and companion to hang out with her while studying, etc., and instantly fell in love with Skittles. She and Skittles were a match made in Heaven! Skittles still had one more heartworm treatment to undergo, so she didn’t get to go home with her adoptive “mom” until a few weeks later.

The last we heard from Skittles’ new mom, they were doing very well! Skittles’ “mom” had this to say: “Skittles and I are doing very well. I think she is adjusting great. She is playing with me and has gotten down walks and going outside on the leash. She is still very shy of strangers, but I am sure this will always be around to some extent. She is such a sweet girl and is a really fast learner. She is also much more affectionate with me. I think it just took her some time. You did such a good job taking care of her- I really appreciate it!”