GOOD MORNING! I just wanted to keep you up to date about Snoopy (aka Mae). She is doing very well, and she just LOVES her new bed that I got her for Christmas! And she just had a birthday on February 12th of this year, she just turned 5! And she is sooooo spoiled, but I guess that’s my fault! OOPS!

My parents just love her, and I’m so grateful for what you guys have done with Snoopy, and many, many other Beagles across Southeast Texas & beyond!

And I’m also grateful that I have Snoopy with me, and she is a great companion when I’m blue or when I’m not in the best of moods, because all she does is lick my face! I can’t thank you enough for letting me adopt Snoopy. And if there ANYTHING that I can do, to help your GREAT organization, PLEASE let me know!


-Phoenix & Snoopy!