First of all, thank you for letting us adopt this really cool guy.

Snoopy, who we renamed from being Lil Joe, is adjusting well! He and Spot are getting along very well and love to run around and play chase in the backyard. Snoopy also loves to play fetch and tug-of-war with his toys with me and even Spot.

Also Snoopy will join me in the evening in the study and curl up into a ball and sleep on the loveseat in the study next to me when I am watching TV or playing video games, sometimes I can hear him snoring or dreaming in his sleep.

He loves to sleep in his own bed in the room with us at night and sleeps all through the night, sometimes in the morning we have to nudge him to get up.

Thank you again HBHR for the opportunity to adopt Snoopy.

Dan & Amber