This amazing beagle did not require renaming, as he literally stormed into my life. I quickly realized that walks – and runs for that matter- were not enough to zap his energy. The Norwood Estates (Riverside) dog park here in Austin has been a blessing While he no longer outruns labs, retrievers, and every other dog except the greyhounds, he is well-known throughout the community as the beagle who bays with the tennis ball in his mouth. It’s a muffled “Aroooo” and anyone standing nearby when he does this just completely cracks up.

He loves playing fetch with the ball – he even has a “Chunk-It.” He enjoyed posing for the 2008 “Beagles and Buddies” calendar with his best friend Maggie, and he loves hanging out with his beagle buddies at Beagle Brigade, held the first Saturday of each month at Norwood. I can never thank you enough for the wonderful times we have shared. We’re looking forward to many more!