Summer & Angie

Summer & Angie

Summer & Angie
We want to give you an update on Summer and Angie, both of whom we adopted from HBHR last month (June 2006). They have settled into their new life with us and are doing great. We are thoroughly enjoying having them as part of our family.

Angie and Summer love to get out in the backyard early each morning, so they can check on interesting smells from critters that may have come through the previous night. They also have a great time running through the house playing chase with each other and with their toys. However, both dogs tell us that the very best part of each day is when we go for our evening walk for a couple of miles through the neighborhood. They make sure that we never forget to do that!

Currently, we are all enjoying attending obedience classes and are learning new skills each week. Angie and Summer are very smart and they sure are fast learners. They are also both very loyal and affectionate. They stay near us to help supervise our activities when we are working at the computer, or in the kitchen, or in the backyard. In addition, they love to sit in our laps or snuggle up with us on the couch each evening while we read, or do needlework, or watch television. They have even proved themselves to be good travelers when we go on trips!

Summer and Angie have already brought us so much joy into our lives and we are looking forward to many more happy years ahead with these two sweet dogs. We are grateful to everyone at HBHR who helped make it possible for the Beagle girls to join our family.


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July 7, 2021