Hi everyone. Wanted to write and let you know what a really cool home I have. I have goats and horses and even chickens, but Mom says I’m not allowed to chase so I just Beagle at them. My new sister taught me all about the doggie door. In about 2.5 seconds I had that thing figured out. It has really helped me not want to chew something up I’m not suppose to because if I get bored, I can go outside and play. I have a boy all my own who’s hair is the same color as mine. How cool is that? And oh my gosh, his sister’s room, all the stuffed bears. Its like a “toy buffet” for dogs. I just don’t understand why Mom tells me “no” when I go pick one up, but I’m slowly getting it. It seems that “my toys are mine” and everything else is off limits.

Mom says I’m doing really great dealing with this “separation anxiety thing” (what ever that is). Even though I still have to go in my crate in the morning when they leave for work, Grandma comes over several times a day and lets me out. I heard them talking the other day and they said that one day this week, I get to stay out with my sister for
a while. I can’t wait. I know I’m gonna be a good boy. Mom tells me that all the time.

Well, I gotta go. Lucy is wanting to play and my paws aren’t use to all this typing. I’m sending a few pictures of me and my boy, his sister and my new sister Lucy B.


PS: My mom wrote you a note below:

Have you ever seen Teddy with a water sprinkler? Girl, it is just too funny. He is just like a little kid. We had turned on the sprinkler the other day and shortly after, Teddy and Lucy came in the house soaking wet. I sent them right back outside, wondering why they were wet. Lucy hates the water and Teddy isn’t crazy about getting bathed.
Well, while standing at the kitchen window, I thought I was gonna bust a gut laughing. Both of them were “playing” in the sprinkler. Running back and forth, jumping up and biting at the water. Then all of a sudden, they’d take off around the yard then run back thru it. It was just too funny. By the time I thought about taking pictures, they had
worn themselves out. I’ll be sure and have the camera ready next time.

Still no problems while were gone. Even took the crate down. Oh, I’ve got to tell you about the other night. I fell asleep on the couch and Haley went and crawled in bed with Mark (my hubby). Well, sometime during the night, Teddy goes crawling in bed with them. Mark said he woke up while it was still dark, feeling something on his shoulder and breathing in his ear. He thought it was me so he went back to sleep. Guess who it was? Yep, Teddy was laying across the pillows and had pushed Haley down in the bed and put his head on Mark’s shoulder. Boy, was Mark ever surprised!