Thunder was rescued from the shelter in Waco, Texas. He had been returned twice and was slated for euthanazia. A great volunteer there fell in love with him and called Houston Beagle Rescue. One of our volunteers, drove to Waco to get him and brought him to me at work. He spent the day sitting in a chair across from my desk, just hanging out. At one point, I took him out to potty and there was a big thunder sound – so I named him Thunder.

He was with me for several months without finding the right family. On a fluke, we decided to test him for the USDA. He was outstanding! So we sent the video to Georgia and got the approval needed to send him for training. The day he left, it was quite cold so I put a sweater on him. Scott, as always, took care of shipping. When he arrived in Georgia, they all came to see the first ever arrival wearing a sweater. (We won’t talk about the big kiss I planted on him right between the eyes that they commented about also.)

I am so proud of my baby. I have his collar (and Sofia’s – their other star recruit from us) in a very special place. I speak to his handler a couple times a month – because she loves raving about him.
Below is the link to a video the USDA has produced staring Thunder, the Wonder Dog. They are VERY proud of him. He currently lives in Georgia at the Training Facility and he and Monica fly to the NorthEast on a regular basis.
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