Somehow I landed at the Montgomery County shelter in Conroe, and my family never came to get me. From there I went to a foster home with a nice lady named Jeanne. I was there just a couple of days when she told me some people in Tyler wanted me to live with them and their two dogs. On May 12, 2004, we traveled halfway to Tyler and met the lady, and I really liked her a lot. She held me and talked nice, and I licked her face. I hated to leave Jeanne, but I knew she would soon be busy helping some other dog needing rescue.

My furry housemates are Lacy and Holly. Lacy is older and is obviously in charge here, but she’s also sweet. Holly is a firecracker. (You can see their pictures on Holly’s Success Story) Me? Well, my mom says I have the biggest, loudest mouth of any dog she ever hopes to meet. I bark at people and squirrels and birds and ants and grass and dirt. Holly and I chase and wrestle and bite each other (all in fun). She is the best sister I could ever wish for, and we are almost the same size.

My people bought a doggy bed just for me, and I really love it. Even though the rest of the family sleeps in a big bed, I enjoy having my own space where I can stretch and snore. I also have my own chair in the living room, but I like to get on my mom’s or my dad’s chairs when they aren’t looking. I like the name they gave me – Tiffany, but I mostly ignore them when they call. Once in a while I do something obedient just to see my people smile. They say I have been quite a challenge. Shucks, I’m just having a good time!