Dear Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue,

My family and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to adopt Titus . Titus is doing well and Lady is teaching him the ropes of the household. LOL. Once we brought Titus home, it took our existing Beagle, Lady about a day to warm up to him. Titus has been good for Lady since Lady is a little on the chunky side. He is giving her plenty of exercise with running around and chasing one another through the house and then out the doggie door into the backyard and then back into the house.

Since the passing of our other Beagle, Roscoe, Lady was pretty down and really mopey. Now with Titus in the house, she now has a buddy to harass and play chase. Titus also has helped ease the pain of the passing of Roscoe with the rest of the family as well. He has brought joy into our lives. Every morning I am woke up by Mr. Titus placing his paws on the bed and sniffing my face. It is a joy.

It is so funny that Titus will walk me to the front door every time I go outside to smoke. And he sits and watches me through the window until I come back into the house. Crazy little guy. Titus has been banned from watching TV on Monday nights when I watch a show called “Prison Break”. This is due to him trying to dig a hole under the fence. He has tried to escape but with no success. I think Lady also catches him looking at the gate within the fence and warns him of the consequences. LOL.

Titus loves to run up and down the fence line checking out the neighbor’s dogs. He has also made new friends this way. He loves to lie in the backyard to chew a rawhide bone. When we play “fetch”, I will throw a doggie toy and then he’ll usually run and take it outside and leave it in the backyard. Knuckle head. Anyway, he has also learned to sit for a treat. The treat is a baby carrot. He loves carrots for treats. He now knows when we say “Get in your kennel” he goes with no problems. I am very impressed with this guy. He has no accidents within the house.

The first night we brought him home, he slept in his kennel or crate. After that night he has been sleeping on a giant doggie pillow at the foot of my bed. At first he thought he should sleep in my bed with me and the wife. Now he knows that when I lock up the doors and set the house alarm it is time to retire for the evening. He is a very well trained dog. Mr. Titus loves to go on walks around the neighborhood. He does very well on a leash. Titus also loves to jump up and put his front paws on your legs. Sometimes if you walk away while he is doing that, he will walk on his hind legs to you to get petted. Crazy, but cute.

Titus is a wonderful dog and once again I would like to thank y’all for letting us adopt him. He is our second Beagle that we have adopted from you guys and we appreciate all that your organization does for these animals. My family and I take our hats off to y’all. We are telling all of our friends and family about the work y’all do and the wonderful animals that y’all for adoption. Y’all take care and we’ll keep you updated on Titus