My parents thought I was crazy because the one thing I wanted when I graduated from college was a dog…they thought I was forsaking my freedom and independence, but I think dogs make people healthier and happier. Also, I wanted a dog while I was young and had the energy to run around with him and take him everywhere with me. Additionally, I’ve met so many friendly dog-lovers whenever I have him with me…I can’t imagine my life without him and he’s the most precious dog in the world.

My dog was formerly Oreo, but I named him Ty because he looks like tie-dye of breeds (probably a “Special Edition” rat terrier/beagle mix).

At first I freaked out because he had accidents in the house, didn’t obey one word I said, and my boyfriend was allergic to him! I couldn’t have made it through 1st week without Cassie and Damien’s (his foster parents) support and advice over email…but now we’re in obedience classes and Ty is doing so well and we’ve adjusted and are inseparable and my boyfriend’s allergies have gotten much better!

Just so you know a little more about Ty and how great he is…

Ty’s Loves:

  • Cassie, his foster mom, who saved him from death row at the pound
  • Jogging at Town Lake
  • Making friends at the unleashed dog parks
  • Splashing in shallow water just enough so that the dirt nearby sticks really well to his fur
  • His Canine Good Citizen classes with the Humaner Trainer
  • Eating Chic-Fil-A chicken, rawhide bones, and Frosty Paws dog treats
  • Slinging around all his monkey toys and tossing them to himself
  • Having company over to visit
  • Staying by my side (unless something is “curious” of course)
  • Wagging his tail faster and harder than any other dog ever
  • Riding in the car (as long as he is in the front seat)
  • Giving “High-Fives”
  • Getting ZoomGroomed
  • Posing for pictures
  • Getting cats to chase him and showing them that they can’t catch him
  • Chasing armadillos at the Botanical Gardens (and peeing on the flowers)
  • Chewing up his “clothes” (leashes and collars) so he can get new ones
  • Running to the school across the street to play with the kids
  • Chasing balls on the tennis court
  • Competing with the television for attention
  • The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell (it helped his communication be better understood)
  • Shedding his fur because it’s black and white and matches my living room
  • Sitting on his feaux-fur zebra bench
  • Digging (we’re working on turning this to a “dis-like”)
  • Sunbathing in plush grasses
  • Terrorizing his worst enemies…motorcycles & horses
  • Having me massage his ears and paws
  • Brightening the lives of all the people he meets