Wagswell’s Forever Family had this to say about him:

“We didn’t quite know what we were getting into when we agreed to bring Wags home, even though we’d seen the “report card” from his foster mom and had seen the picture of this beagle who clearly stated “I like trouble!” The first few months were frustrating while we tried to determine the source of lameness in his rear leg. We tried everything from giving him sleeping pills to keep him quiet and crated all the time to a strong round of antibiotics in the hopes that the problem might be Lyme’s disease. Finally, we agreed to go ahead with surgery and the doctor replaced Wags’ ACL. We brought him home and he was up and using the leg in less than 3 days! He has followed through on his reputation and gotten into some sticky spots, but he’s also learned to sit, shake and lay down for a treat. In fact, if you have anything edible in your hands you’re sure to see him whip out his tricks in quick succession! As high-energy as he is during the day, he’s quite the cuddle-bug at night when he jumps in the bed and nudges us to lift the blanket for him. He’s looking forward to his new house and yard and to us adopting a playmate for him soon!”

Wagswell’s new family have also adopted Rascal