Abby (formery Zena)

Abby is an absolutely wonderful dog, and we love her to pieces. I really think we and Abby are perfect fits for each other. She has two people to cuddle up to on the sofa (I call her the Velcro Beagle), lots of kisses and petting, not to mention at least one long walk a day–that’s usually Mark in the morning–, a big fenced back yard full of good smells, birds, and squirrels. She’s wonderful with other dogs, loves people especially our grandkids who adore her. Honestly, she has no bad habits…well, maybe when she moves in on me when I’m reading on the sofa and sticks her wet little nose into my book. Abby was well worth the wait.

We are so lucky and so grateful to Houston Beagle Rescue and to Linda for being such a good foster mom to Abby. Thank you so much!


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July 7, 2021