We just wanted to send you some pictures of Ziggy, aka “Ziggy Piggy”. Ziggy is doing well at his new forever home! He has added so much to our lives, I hope we have added as much to his!

He has become best buddies with my five year old, Joey. They play hide and seek together! My son takes a treat and hides, Ziggy finds him every time! Imagine that! Every night at dinner time, Ziggy parks himself next to my son’s chair, smart boy! This is how we discovered that Ziggy likes peas! It is going to take great effort to make sure he doesn’t become overweight! We have already switched from milkbones to training treats, which are much smaller, and he can have more of them.

Ziggy’s favorite thing to do is lay on the couch and snuggle with you. He hasn’t decided which bed he likes to sleep in best, so he alternates through the night. He has made a new friend next door, Bruiser. They like to play together. He loves walks and attention. We have had some issues with separation anxiety. We are working on that. He is so happy when we get home, and so sad when we leave.

He loves playing with his new toys. So far, we haven’t had any issues with him distinguishing my son’s toys with his. When he wants my husband’s attention, he takes my husband’s slipper, and the keep away game is on! We are so happy with Ziggy. He is everything you guys described and so much more.

Thank you, if it weren’t for your organization, we wouldn’t have found him! We have had him for a short time now, but can not imagine life without him. He is the perfect doggy!